Helikopteri – helicopter ride

This Linnanmäki helicopter ride consists of a smooth ascent into the skies while spinning. The child in the front seat can pilot the gondola during the ride by choosing the direction it spins in. Great views, flashing lights and exciting sound effects all make sure that this is great fun for adults and kids alike!

For persons who are over 120 cm tall. Riders 100-120 cm tall must be accompanied by a guardian (15 years).
Year of manufacture: 2006
Manufactured by: BN Performance Rides SRL
Country of manufacture: Italy
Tower height: 14 m
Length: 12 m
Diameter: 11 m
Capacity: 480 persons per hour
Gondolas: 6
Seats: 4 per gondola
Speed: Tower: 10 rotations per minute; gondolas: 5 rotations per minute
Duration: (recommended) 1.5 minutes
Ajoaika: (suositeltu) 1,5 minuuttia