Hypytin – tower

Hypytin's bounces will make you feel as though you've left your stomach behind! The ride is in the same series as Raketti and HipHop, and is between the two with regard to speed.

For persons who are over 120 cm tall. Riders 100-120 cm tall must be accompanied by a guardian (15 years). Not recommended if you are pregnant, or have a cardiovascular or musculo-skeletal disorder. Especially tall or large people may not be able to enter some rides due to the safety bars.
Manufactured by: Antonio Zamperla Spa
Country of manufacture: Italy
Height: 12.4 m
Seat movement: 10 m
Acceleration max. 3 G, min 0.3 G
Seats: 12
Capacity: 300 persons per hour
Duration: 2 min