Kehrä – enterprise ride

Back by popular request... Kehrä is the follow-up to the Enterprise ride, removed from the park in 1998. The ride will turn you upside down and spin you along a circular trajectory.

For persons over 140 cm tall, 120-140 cm riders must be accompanied by a guardian (15 years). Not recommended if you are pregnant, or have a cardiovascular or musculo-skeletal disorder.
Manufactured by: Emiliana Luna Park Srl
Country of manufacture: Italy
Ride diameter: 18 m
Height: 19.3 m
Speed: 48 km/h
Weight: 32 tonnes
Seats: 20, each seat can fit 2 riders
Capacity: 800 persons per hour
Duration: 2 min (with full load)
Comments: Lighting consists mainly of 2500 LED lights.