Pilotti – airplane ride

Glide through the air on the Pilot ride's airplanes. This fun flight is suitable for children and the young at heart. The planes soar and glide along the winding track above the new Pluto area. From time to time, the planes fly towards the stream only to soar back up a moment later.

For persons over 100 cm tall, 100-120 cm riders must be accompanied by a guardian (15 years). Pilotti is free of charge for our customers, bearing in mind the height restrictions. The ride closes two hours before the amusement park's closing time. On sundays Pilotti is open till 8pm. When the park is only open for five hours a day, Pilotti is open for the entire five hours.
Free of charge
Manufactured by: Technical Park
Country of manufacture: Italy
Year of manufacture: 2010
Gondolas: 4 airplanes, each seating 2 adults and 2 children
Track length: 82 m
Height: 5 m
Duration: approx. 2 minutes
Capacity: 400 persons per hour