Rumpukaruselli – carousel

As the carousel turns, a hydraulic cylinder lifts and lowers the gondolas. In addition, the bravest passengers can add a twist to the ride by spinning the ring-shaped gondola around its axle.

Suitable for all, but those less than 100cm tall must be accompanied by a guardian (15 years). The Rumpukaruselli is free of charge to our customers. The ride closes two hours before the amusement park's closing time. On sundays Rumpukaruselli is open till 8pm. On days when the park is only open for five hours, Rumpukaruselli is open for the entire five hours.
Free of charge
Manufactured by: SBF
Country of manufacture: Italy
Year of manufacture: 1991
Seats: 24 in total, 6 four-seater gondolas
Dimensions: Diameter 5.00 m, height 3.40 m
Capacity: 500 persons per hour
Duration: approx. 2 min