You can still have fun in the atmospheric amusement park in September – Linnanmäki’s Carnival of Light is postponed until next year

The fourteenth annual Carnival of Light will be postponed until October next year. Linnanmäki’s gates will exceptionally close on Sunday 27 September. The last weekend of the season the park will be covered in atmospheric autumn lighting, with light figures brightening up the dark evenings.

Linnanmäki’s 2020 season of fun has been highly unusual. The start of the season was delayed by seven weeks, and saw many new arrangements. The international amusement park sector has been collaborating closely all year by sharing experiences and learnings in order to ensure that all customers can have a fun and safe experience in the parks. Here at Linnanmäki we are particularly pleased about the fact that visiting the park has been safe for both staff members and customers throughout the season.

The traditional Carnival of Light, which usually acts as the closing of the season, always attracts large numbers of customers to enjoy the colourful lights on darkening autumn evenings and enjoying exciting rides under the bright lights. Because of the current unusual circumstances Linnanmäki amusement park has, however, decided to postpone the 15th Carnival of Light until next year. That means that Linnanmäki’s 2020 season will come to an end on Sunday 27 September.

We are aware that many people will miss the traditional Carnival of Light, so we want to make the final weekend of the 2020 season something special. We would also like to remind our customers that this is an excellent occasion to use the Fun Pass or any wristband gift cards bought for this season, as amusement park visitors will be treated to colourful lights and moving light figures in the darkening autumn evenings. During the last few minutes of the Sunday evening we will hear the traditional final lap of Vuoristorata, with the brakemen sounding their horns.

During the last weekend there will be many fun offers available at Linnanmäki. Customers get three spins on the wheel of fortune for the price of two, and they can also take home some fun souvenirs such as a boardgame or tasty amusement park treats. Shop Caramelli by the main gate is selling many treats at half price, and those who purchase the HupiCity boardgame will receive a Linnanmäki memory game as a free gift. These offers are valid while stocks last.

More information about the end-of-season weekend in Finnish:

  • Shining and moving light figures can be seen in the park on Sat–Sun 26–27 September from 6 pm.
  • The final ride of the season with Vuoristorata’s brakemen sounding their horns on Sun 27 September at 8:58 pm.