Private events and promotions

In Linnanmäki amusement park your company can reach a large number of happy and receptive park goers as Linnanmäki welcomes over a million visitors every year!

Private event at Linnanmäki


The promotion spots available in Helsinki’s most amusing neighbourhood are located by the busiest routes and next to the most popular rides. Your business is sure to stand out! Each individual promotion or visibility spot is only given to one partner at a time. As an advertiser you add value for Linnanmäki’s customers and make the amusement park experience even better for our visitors.

Value-based cooperation

As a partner of Linnanmäki amusement park you share our values and follow our ethical guidelines. We only offer promotion and visibility spots to companies whose products or services do not compete with those of the Children’s Day Foundation’s founding organisations or Linnanmäki’s main partners. Linnanmäki’s main partners are visible in the park throughout the season.