Safety regulations

Linnanmäki has over 40 amusement park rides. The largest selection of rides in the Nordic countries offers experiences for those who enjoy a calmer pace, as well as visitors who are looking for excitement.
The height-based restrictions to admission on the rides are based on safety limits set by the ride manufacturers and confirmed by the respective authorities. On some rides, children need to be accompanied by an escorting adult, who also needs to have ticket or wristband if the child is over 100 cm. Due to safety bars, tall or large people may not be able to enter some rides.
On the following rides one adult can accompany two children at the same time: Cinema: Ice Age, Cinema: Sukelluskello, Helikopteri, HipHop, Hurjakuru, Hypytin, Kahvikuppikaruselli, Karuselli, KotKot, Kyöpelinvuoren Hotelli, Lohikäärme, Maisemajuna, Panoraama, Pilotti, Rekkaralli, Rinkeli, Rumpukaruselli, Taikasirkus, Vankkuripyörä and Vuoristorata. On all other rides each adult can only accompany one child at a time.
Every customer's height is measured at least when entering a ride. We recommend that little park visitors get a stamp as proof of their height (under 100 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm, 130 cm, 140 cm) from the ticket office. The stamp shows Linnanmäki staff the height of the customer, so that they do not need to be re-measured at every attraction. This makes it faster to get on board!
Before boarding, please make sure that none of your personal possessions will break or fall out during the ride.
safety regulations