Kiosks and grills

Kiosks and grills

Traditional amusement park treats are the high point of a day at Linnanmäki.
Kiosks and grills offer tasty treats if you're a bit peckish or after something sweet. Grab a hot dog or fries with sausages and have a summery sundae or the amusement park classic, candy floss, as a dessert. Enjoy a fresh waffle, coated with sweet strawberry jam and whipped cream. You can find them at the kiosk under the Jarrumies restaurant.


The Ben&Jerry’s kiosk

Is chocolate ice cream with brownie pieces your favourite, or maybe you prefer caramel ice cream with cinnamon sauce and cinnamon roll dough bites? The yummy Ben&Jerry’s ice creams can be found next to Kieputin.

Kiosk Herkkupuoti

Herkkupuoti, which is located next to the game stations, offers Italian-style gourmet ice cream, sundaes, long ribbons of liquorice, cool slushies and much more.

Kiosk Hile

Kiosk Hile, located across from Tulireki, offers up tasty slushies.

Kiosk Jäde

Are you after the summer's coolest treat? Ice cream fans can find their very own kiosk across from Tulireki.

Kiosk Sirkus

From Kiosk Sirkus you can buy traditional funfair treats such as hot dogs, popcorn and cotton candy. This kiosk is located by the south gate, close to Salama.

Kiosk Vekkula

Kiosk Vekkula is the place to be for everyone with a sweet tooth, whether they’re after candyfloss or liquorice! The charmingly colourful kiosk is located next to Vekkula.

Kiosk Vohveli

Traditional waffles with strawberry jam and whipped cream or some other topping are a perfect addition to a fun day at the amusement park. Kiosk Vohveli is located on the ground floor of Restaurant Jarrumies.

Kiosk Strösseli

Kiosk Strösseli pays particular attention to our youngest visitors. They sell traditional popcorn, yummy candyfloss and sundaes that melt in the mouth. Kiosk Strösseli is located by the gate on Minimäki, across from Kieputin.



Street food has arrived at Linnanmäki!

Street Food now offers just what the name says, Linnanmäki style. Fill your hot dog with pulled pork, chicken, crayfish or avocado, or snack on tasty chicken wings or ribs. The heat is tuned to your taste.
The Street Food kiosk can be found opposite Tulireki rollercoaster.

The Gourmet Hot Dog kiosk

Have you already had a hot dog with a bacon sausage or chorizo? The Gourmet Hot Dog kiosk offers filling hot dogs with high-quality special sausages and other tasty fillings. You can enjoy Gourmet Hot Dogs at the ground floor of Restaurant Jarrumies.