Linnunrata eXtra – roller coaster

As a first in the Nordic countries, the Linnunrata eXtra connects virtual reality with the roller coaster! Built inside an old water tower the rollercoaster rider travels at high speed in exciting virtual reality. The virtual glasses give the roller coaster experience a new wild dimension do you dare to try?

Samsung Gear VR glasses are used on the Galaxy eXtra but you can also go on the ride without having to use VR-glasses.

More information about virtual reality ride (download pdf)!



Film is allowed for all ages

For persons who are over 120 cm tall. Riders 100-120 cm tall must be accompanied by a guardian (15 years). Recommended for children over 6 years. Not recommended if you are pregnant, or have a cardiovascular or musculo-skeletal disorder. Linnunrata eXtra animation's rating: S (for all ages).
Manufactured by: Zierer
Country of manufacture: Germany
Year of manufacture: 2000
Height: 7 m
Length: 300 m
Trains: 2, each train seats 20 people
Capacity: 800 persons per hour