Carnival of Light

Carnival of Light

See Linnanmäki in a new light!

During the Carnival of Light, Linnanmäki amusement park will be covered in spectacular lights! Tivolikuja outside the main entrance and the areas around both gates will be illuminated. Visit the light displays around Kahvikuppikaruselli, Mustekala and Miniautot, for example, and see the beautifully lit Kingi and Vuoristorata. Near Hepparata you can experience a magical forest. The Central Square will be filled with hundreds of little dotted lights, and disco balls will be hanging from the trees.

Inside the water tower you can see video designer Janne Ahola’s magnificent video installation Counterparts, and Hurjakuru’s stream will be radiating with light technician Anssi Ruotanen’s light installation Emanaatio. Around the park you will also find projections of the works of four different artists; props artist Maikki Pekkala, video artist Sellekhanks, painter Sakari Larjo and lighting designer Alexander Salvesen.

The interiors of many familiar rides have also been lit up especially for the event. At Autorata you can experience an atmospheric ride, one light installation can only be seen from Maisemajuna, the sci-fi-like mood of the corridors and platform of Linnunrata eXtra will be emphasised during the Carnival of Lights, and the tunnels of Vuoristorata will be filled with colours and shapes. All rides can be accessed with a wristband or ride ticket.

The Carnival of Lights is brought to you in cooperation with Sun Effects Oy

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Fireworks Thu 12.10 at 9:50 pm and Sun 22.10 at 9.50 pm.
The entire Alppila area is usually very busy on the last day of the Linnanmäki season, so we strongly recommend that you arrive using public transport or to leave your car further away. Plan your route using the journey planner!

On the Estradi stage:

Thu 12.10. at 20 Erin

Fri 13.10. at 20 Møtions

Sat 14.10. at 20 The Holy

Sun 15.10. at 20 Vesta

Mon 16.10. at 20 Prinssi Jusuf

Tue 17.10. at 20 Aurora

Wed 18.10. at 20 Evelina

Thu 19.10. at 20 Biniyam

Fri 20.10. at 20 Mikko Harju

Sat 21.10. at 19 Eeli Hallikainen

Sat 21.10. at 20 Mira Luoti

Sun 22.10. at 20 Scandinavian Music Group kvartetti

Sun 22.10. at 21.15 Belenos

All entertainment on the Estradi stage and entry to the amusement park is free of charge for our visitors. Changes may occur.