Sustainability at Linnanmäki

Sustainability at Linnanmäki


Do good by having fun
We work every day to do good. The Children's Day Foundation maintains and develops Linnanmäki amusement park in order to raise funds for child welfare work. Over the years we have raised approximately 130 million euros for child welfare work. By having fun at Linnanmäki, all our customers also help us to do good.

Work with fathoms of fun
All of us who work here at Linnanmäki are Masters of Fun, and our job is to create unique experiences of fun for our customers. We work as a team with a twinkle in our eye, and we appreciate diversity among both our Masters of Fun and our customers.

We are a significant employer of young people. During our season of fun we employ more than 700 Masters of Fun, and we also hire 16–17-year-olds and partially disabled workers.

Safe and fun days in the park
Our main responsibility is to ensure that the amusement park is safe. Safety is one of the foundations of our work, and we are constantly improving it. Our operations are guided by laws, regulations and directives. We work closely with various authorities. Safety is an important aspect of the training we give to all our staff.

Linnanmäki was awarded the title of Safe organisation of the year at the 2021 Finnish Security Awards. This prize is awarded to a business or other organisation who has been exemplary in creating a positive culture of safety and security.

It is important for us to ensure a successful visit to Helsinki’s most enjoyable neighbourhood for all our customers.

An environmentally friendly amusement park
At Linnanmäki we take our responsibility for the environment seriously, and we adhere to the principles of sustainable development by acknowledging our purpose and our values. We take environmental perspectives into account in the decision-making and activities of our organisation.

We follow current environmental legislation and the permit orders contained in the environmental permit that Linnanmäki amusement park has been granted by the City of Helsinki.

Linnanmäki has been awarded the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation’s EcoCompass certificate for using the EcoCompass system to improve its environmental management. The environmental management system is a concrete tool which we use to manage environmental issues well in all our amusement park activities.

We want to constantly be improving our operations in line with the aims of the environmental management system by taking into account the needs of our customers, our Masters of Fun and our other stakeholders in the development work.

In the 2024 season of fun, Linnanmäki’s rides work by wind power and the buildings in the amusement park are heated with renewable energy from the district heating network.

Some tips for environmentally friendly fun in Linnanmäki

  • You can get all the way to the amusement park by bike or public transport. In addition to reduced emissions, this is also an easy way to reach the amusement park. Take a look at how to get here.
  • All of Linnanmäki’s restaurants and food outlets offer delicious vegan options. All fish and shellfish served in the park are selected from the Recommended category in the WWF seafood guide.
  • Our amusement park has two water stations where you can fill up your water bottle with fresh water to quench your thirst during your fun day in the park. If you forgot to bring a bottle you can also purchase one in Linnanmäki’s shops during your visit. The water stations are located near the First aid station and next to the Jaffa wheel by the South gate.
  • Most games allow winners to swap items they win for edible prizes or to donate their prize to our child welfare work.
  • Recycling is fun at Linnanmäki! Throughout the park you can find recycling bins for bottles and cans, as well as several bins where you can sort your litter into the correct bin. If you listen closely, the bin may even thank you for recycling! There are many recycling stations in the amusement park, in all restaurants and on all terraces where illustrated instructions help you sort your litter into the correct recycling bins.
  • We can all help to keep our surroundings tidy! When you leave the park, you can pop the wrappers of any food you have bought for the journey home and your used Linnanmäki wristbands into the general waste bins by the gates.


Ethical values
We expect all our partners and suppliers to follow our ethical code of conduct.

We appreciate direct and open feedback on our activities. Linnanmäki’s whistleblowing channel can be used by stakeholders who discover misconduct in relation to our amusement park operations. The whistleblowing channel is not meant for customer feedback on Linnanmäki’s services or products.

Improving responsible amusement park operations
Linnanmäki has been included in the Think Sustainability portal on, which aims to help tourists to choose more responsible visitor attractions. Linnanmäki fulfils 19 out of the 25 sustainability criteria.

Linnanmäki has joined the Sustainable Travel Finland programme with the aim to be awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland label. Linnanmäki is committed to STF’s national principles for sustainable travel.

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