Let’s play a game!

Are you feeling lucky, or do you have the best aim of all your friends? Test your skills and your luck in Linnanmäki’s many games!
Each prize won in the skill game can be chosen as a soft toy, a treat win or donated to the founding organizations of the Children's Day Foundation.

The games at Linnanmäki cost €4–5. You can pay by cash or card.

  • Basketti
    Will the net be swinging with double and triple points? Will the head of the player cope with the time pressure? In this skill game you get to compete for a HUGE PRIZE by shooting baskets within the time limits and at different levels.
  • Derby
    Linnanmäki organises its own horse races every day! In this skill game, which is included in the Lintsi Games, you can win soft toys by rolling balls quicker than your opponents. Roll your balls into the correct holes and let your horse speed along the green fields. The fastest of the racecourse becomes the champion of Derby!
  • Hyper
    Do you feel like a big baseball star? Do you have a throwing power? If you answered yes to the questions, then Hyper is a knock for you. This amazing new game of the season combines throwing precision and power. Challenge yourself and jump into the glittering spotlight of Hyper.
  • Koripallot – Basketballs
    The basketball boom has reached Linnanmäki. Have you planned your trajectory and warmed up your hands? Prepare carefully and bag the balls in the basket. In this skill game you can win a HUGE PRIZE with just one successful throw!
  • Jaffa-pyörä – The Jaffa Wheel of Fortune
    Carefully choose your lucky number and prepare to wait excitedly for the wheel’s fateful journey towards the winning number and a huge prize containing products from Jaffa!
    Sponsored by: Hartwall
  • Onginta – Fishing
    In this popular game where everyone’s a winner, you will be given Linnanmäki’s very own fishing permit. Catch three fish and wait excitedly to see what your catch weighs in total! Your prize is determined by the weight of your catch.
  • Onnenveto – Pull the String
    You get to try this classic game where everyone’s a winner both by the main gate and below Kingi. This nostalgic game offers a large variety of prizes with each pull! For four euros you will find out which prize is hanging at the other end of your string!
  • Pallotus
    In the game you will be able to throw balls at a frenzied pace towards the colour-changing point squares. This game will bring the whole group into playing!
  • Pellet – Clowns
    Knock the mischievous clowns off their perches with a quick and precise throw of the ball and win great prizes. In this fast-paced game, which is included in the Lintsi Games, you get to practice ball throwing while competing against time and point limits.
  • Pumputin
    Bring a friend and compete to send your hot air balloons high up into the air! Whoever gets their balloon to rise the quickest is the winner of this skill game, which is part of the Lintsi Games!
  • Puputti
    Abracadabra! A magician has found his way to Linnanmäki. What colour is the bunny that he pulls out of the hat? In this magical game everyone’s a winner, and your prize will be determined by the bunny that appears from the hat!
  • Purkit – Cans
    Cans is a nostalgic amusement park skill game where accuracy is key. Practice your aim and clear the table of cans to win fun prizes!
  • Riemupyörä
    In the Charity Wheel of Fortune you will learn about the organisations that founded the Children's Day Foundation and win fantastic prizes. Support child welfare work while grabbing the chance to win top prizes!
  • Suklaapyörä – The Dumle Wheel of Fortune
    Come and spin the Wheel of Fortune for people with a sweet tooth! Choose your lucky numbers, cross your fingers, and win different Dumle products that melt in the mouth.
    Sponsored by: Fazer
  • Taffel Wheel of Fortune
    Struck by a craving for crisps? The Taffel Wheel of Fortune has the answer! A massive bag of crisps is waiting for its winner. Polish up your lucky coin and head for this legendary wheel of fortune!
    Sponsored by: Orkla
  • Tikat – Darts
    Rotating English dartboards! Will your three darts find their way to the required points in this giddying skill game?
  • Tähtipallot – Star Balls
    Star Balls is a ball-rolling game that is fun on your own, but even more so with a friend! In this classic Lintsi Games skill game you get to test your accuracy and aim for prizes at different points levels.

The Games Vault

The Games Vault lets you challenge yourself and your friends with arcade games!

The wildest competitions begin at the countdown to driving games and the Pac-Man Smash air hockey game. For excitement that reaches the top of Kingi, have a go at the machines where you can win electronics or cuddly toys! Time flies in the Games Vault! The Games Vault is located by the foot of Kingi.