Are you feeling lucky, or do you have the best aim of all your friends? Test your skills and try your luck in Linnanmäki’s many games.

The games at Linnanmäki cost €2–5. You can pay for the games using cash or cards. Look up the locations of the games at the amusement park map.


Ammunta - Shooting

Take aim at a mighty melon and show off your accuracy. You can win adorable soft toys in various sizes.


Linnanmäki organises its own horse races several times a day! Roll the balls into the right holes and speed up your horse. The fastest on the track wins a soft toy.

Hyväntekijät - The Charity Wheel of Fortune

Did you know that for decades the Children’s Day Foundation has been maintaining and developing Linnanmäki amusement park in order to raise funds for Finnish child welfare work? In the Charity game you will get to know the organisations that founded Linnanmäki, and you can also win cute soft toys that are big or REALLY BIG.

Koripallot - Basketballs

The basketball boom has reached Linnanmäki. Prepare carefully and bag the balls in the basket. How many will you get in?

The Nami Wheel of Fortune

Can we tempt you with a deliciously decadent mix of sweets? Choose your lucky number with care and prepare to wait with excitement. Winners at the Nami Wheel of Fortune receive a prize containing tasty sweets from Fazer. Which is your favourite mix? The Nami Wheel of Fortune is located by the south gate.
In co-operation: Fazer

Onnenveto - Pull the String

The original Pull the String is a classic at Linnanmäki. Which string will you choose? This nostalgic game offers a large variety of prizes.


Onginta - Fishing

In this fishing game you will catch fish and take them to be weighed. What is the total weight of your catch? In this popular fishing game you will win every time. Fishing is located in the Minimäki area. Win every time

Pellet - Clowns

Down the clown to make it fall off its perch and win nice prizes. A classic accuracy game!


The magician has found his way to Linnanmäki Amusement Park! See what lovely prizes you can pull out of the magician’s hat! 

Purkit - Can toss

Can toss is a nostalgic amusement park game where accuracy is key. Train your sight, and clean the table!

Suklaapyörä - The Dumle Wheel of Fortune

The Dumle Wheel of Fortune is a game for people with a sweet tooth. Choose your lucky numbers and win different Dumle products that melt in the mouth. Select your number with care: you can win a huge pack containing eight bags of Dumle. Every player gets a tasty sample.

Taffel - Wheel of Fortune

Struck by a craving for crisps? The Taffel Wheel of Fortune has the answer! A massive bag of crisps is waiting for its winner.
In co-operation: Orkla

Tikat - Darts

Rotating English dartboards! Will your darts take the points?

Tykinkuulat - Cannonballs

Grab the cannon and aim at the target area. Sum-up your points and win a fantastic soft toy.

Tähtipallot - Star balls

Star Balls is a ball-rolling game that is fun on your own, but even more so with a friend. The more points, the bigger the prize.



The Games Vault

The Games Vault lets you challenge yourself and your friends with arcade games.

The one-on-on Racing Games and PacMan Smash air hockey are already waiting for their players. Win electronics or super-cute plush from the Cranes and Redemption Games or take a turn with the Pinball Games. Time flies in the Games Vault, which is located at the foot of Kingi.



Lintsi Games

Challenge your mates to the Lintsi Games and get your pulses racing! A Lintsi Game booklet contains 5 game tickets for the fun skill games at Linnanmäki: Derby, Star Balls, Cannonballs, Clowns and Pumputin. As an extra you also get a spin on the Charity Wheel of Fortune. You can play Lintsi Games by yourself or with a friend.

You can buy the game booklet for 15 € at the games or from the ticket office.