Grab some souvenirs!

In Linnanmäki’s shops you can find lovely souvenirs to take home, as well as everything you need to have a fun day in the amusement park! In the summer our shops stock things like sunscreen, reusable water bottles, hats and sunglasses, and on rainy days we also sell rain ponchos and umbrellas.

If you want to send someone a traditional greeting from Linnanmäki, our shops also stock post cards and stamps.

Shop Caramelli

Shop Caramelli is located right by the main gates, and it is full of tasty treats and fun souvenirs to take home.

The shop contains a captivating selection of treats with fun surprises to suit the taste of every visitor. In addition to giant lollipops, long liquorice strings, and flavoured popcorn popped on site, visitors can also visit Linnanmäki’s own oasis of delicacies for a refreshing soft drink on a hot day.

Shop Caramelli also sells cute cuddly toys and a varied range of products with a Linnanmäki theme, from t-shirts to jigsaw puzzles, and from novelty socks to coffee mugs. If you need protection from the elements on a hot or rainy day you should pop in for a look at what we have to offer!

Pssst! You can conveniently purchase our amazing Linnanmäki-themed products from our webstore as well!

Shop Rolle

Shop Rolle, located across from the Castle of Treats, is colourful and mischievous, just like Linnanmäki’s very own clown Rolle. Shop Rolle offers its visitors sweet treats to suit every taste. Shop Rolle’s entrance near Swingi takes you straight into the world of Swingi. Here you can purchase merchandise designed for this new ride, such as T-shirts, water bottles, baseball caps or keyrings.

Shop Taiga

Through Shop Taiga’s spectacular picture window you can admire Taiga’s speedy journey close up. Here you can pick up Taiga-themed souvenirs, such as t-shirts, mugs and jewellery.

Shop Taiga is the perfect place to relive your own ride on Taiga and purchase a wonderful photo or video of your fast-paced flight. Shop Taiga is located by Taiga’s exit.