Shop Caramelli

Lovely Shop Caramelli is located right by the main gates, and it is full of tasty treats for visitors with a sweet tooth, as well as fun souvenirs to take home.

The shop’s selection of sweets goes further than the eye can see, so there will definitely be something for everyone. They also sell slushies, lemonade and ice cream to cool you down on a hot day. Why not pop into the shop on your way home and pick up this summer’s favourite souvenirs?

Shop Rolle

In the middle of the park you will find the fun and colourful Shop Rolle, a handy place to purchase fun sweets and colourful souvenirs. Shop Rolle also has the gear you need for summery weather and rain, as well as Linnanmäki fan products and clothes.

Shop Taiga

Through this shop’s spectacular picture window you can admire Taiga’s speedy journey close up. You can also purchase some Taiga-themed souvenirs to remind you of your visit. Shop Taiga is located by Taiga’s exit.