Visitors requiring individual support

We have attempted to take all of our customers into account. The majority of Linnanmäki's attractions and rides are available for use by all visitors to the park. Check this page for more detailed information and if necessary, ask Linnanmäki staff.

Arriving by car
There are a few disabled parking spaces available in the Linnanmäki upper parking area. If the upper parking area is full, people with a parking card for persons with disabilities are allowed to park right in front of the main gate (Tivolikuja 1) as long as there is space available. Ask for more information from parking area or main gate security personnel.

Tickets and wristbands
A customer in need of individual support can access rides with a normal-price ticket or wristband.

Using a wheelchair
All park areas have wheelchair access, and all stairs in the area can be avoided. If necessary, ask for more information on the best route from park staff.

Access to rides for people with limited mobility
A customer using a wheelchair can access nearly all the rides. Customers who use a wheelchair or have otherwise limited mobility mainly access the rides via the exit, so that access is as smooth as possible. In case of a special group, the entire group can access the ride via the exit, even if not all members of the group use wheelchairs. Please contact the ride staff, who guide and assist customers in need of individual support and help with access if necessary.

A person with limited mobility can also remain on the ride for another round by letting the ride staff know.

There is no wheelchair access to Kammokuja, and people with limited mobility can't access Ukko, Kingi or Magia.

Pikajuna, Linnunrata, Panoraama and Kyöpelinvuoren hotelli have no entrance or exit ramps, which makes access difficult. Entrance to Vuoristorata is suitable for wheelchairs, but the exit has stairs. However, access to these rides can be arranged by contacting the staff in advance.

All restaurants have wheelchair access.

Programmes and concerts
The front of Estradi has wheelchair access. Estradi has no separate viewing area for customers using wheelchairs.

Disabled toilets
Disabled toilets are located at Linnanmäki in the following places:

  • Near the main gate, beside the Cinema entrance
  • At the Peacock theatre entrance
  • Downstairs in Lintsiburger, on the left side of the till
  • On the Naurupolku fun path
  • In restaurant Funky Kitchen
  • Opposite Tulireki

Guide and assistance dogs
Guide and assistance dogs are welcome at the amusement park. It is forbidden to bring other dogs to the area.