Safety in rides

The height-based and/or age-based restrictions to admission on the rides are based on safety limits set by the ride manufacturers and confirmed by the respective authorities. On some rides, children need to be accompanied by an escorting adult, who also needs to have ticket or wristband if the child is over 100 cm.

On the following rides one adult can accompany two children at the same time: Helikopteri, HipHop, Hurjakuru, Hypytin, Kahvikuppikaruselli, Karuselli, Kyöpelinvuoren Hotelli, Lohikäärme, Maisemajuna, Panoraama, Pilotti, Rekkaralli, Rinkeli, Rumpukaruselli, Taikasirkus, Vankkuripyörä and Vuoristorata. On all other rides each adult can only accompany one child at a time.

The height and, if necessary, age of the customer are checked at least when entering a ride. We recommend that little park visitors get a stamp as proof of their height (under 100 cm, 100 cm, 105cm 120 cm, 130 cm, 140 cm) from the ticket office. The stamp shows Linnanmäki staff the height of the customer, so that they do not need to be re-measured at every attraction. This makes it faster to get on board!

Due to safety bars, tall or large people may not be able to enter some rides. If you have a cast on an arm or a leg you may not be able to access all rides.

On the rides you must follow the instructions given by the staff. You cannot ride attractions without wearing a shirt or shoes (excluding HipHop, Hypytin, Kirnu, Kingi, Raketti, Swingi and Taiga). You cannot bring food or drink onto the rides. Before boarding, please make sure that none of your personal possessions will break or fall out during the ride.

Photographing and video recording in rides
All photography and video recording in Taiga, Kirnu, Magia, Raketti and Ukko is forbidden for safety reason. In other rides you can use GoPro-camera that is securely enough attached. If camera has telescopic arm it has to be kept short. Selfiesticks are forbidden in rides for safety reason. You can use a cellular phone or a normal camera to take pictures in the rides that move quietly.

Filming permits 
Jessi Vidberg, jessi.vidberg (at), 040 510 3847

Security checks and prohibited substances and items
We will be carrying out security checks by the entrance gates. Please note that the following substances and items are prohibited at Linnanmäki: alcohol and narcotics, edged weapons (including multipurpose tools with blades), bicycles, firearms, fireworks, torches, smoke grenades, air horns, helium-inflated balloons and other illegal items and substances.

The information desk is located in the same building as the ticket office, across from Kyöpelinvuoren hotelli. The information desk can help you with the following queries: disappearances, lost property, announcements, customer feedback forms, mobile phone charging, train times and information about hotels and events in Helsinki.

Lost property
During the season lost property will be taken to the lost property service Suomen Löytötavarapalvelu within 1–2 weeks. Their contact details are: Suomen löytötavarapalvelu, Mäkelänkatu 56, 00510 Helsinki. Tel. +358 600 41006 (1,97€/min+lnc). You can also call Linnanmäki’s information desk to enquire about lost property at +358 10 5722 380.

Charging points
You can find our phone charging points in Peliholvi, Cafe Donitsi, the entrance hall to Cafe Carccila. The charging points are located inside lockers, so you can continue to enjoy your day in peace while your phone is charging. In order to lock the locker, you need a contactless RFID card, for example a bank card, travel card or library card.

Storage lockers
The storage lockers below Ukko work with 50 cent, 1 euro and 2 euro coins (€2 to open the locker). Locker sizes: (by the door) height 42 cm, width 27 cm and depth 78 cm. Linnanmäki is not responsible for any personal belongings that break or are lost in the park.