By stepping through the gates of Linnanmäki, I Fiona Fun / George Gamer promise to follow the Rules of Fun. I want to ensure that every visitor has a memorable and fun day in the amusement park.


I will follow the instructions of the amusement park.

  • I will familiarise myself with the park rules ahead of time and follow the safety instructions for the attractions.
  • I will follow instructions from Linnanmäki staff.
  • I understand that breaking the rules can lead to me being removed form the park.

I will not bring alcohol, drugs or other dangerous items to the amusement park.

  • I will not bring alcoholic drinks or drugs to the amusement park.
  • I will only drink alcoholic drinks that have been purchased from the park’s restaurants in the licenced premises.
  • I will leave all sharp implements (including multi-tools with blades), firearms, fireworks, torches, smoke grenades, air horns, marker pens, spray paint, gas balloons, and other items and substances that are illegal or pose a threat to the public at home.

I will leave my pets at home.

  • I can of course bring an assistance or guide dog to the amusement park.

I want to ensure accessibility for other visitors.

  • I will park my car in an allocated car park.
  • I will leave my bike, electric scooter, skateboard, roller skates or other similar means of transport outside the park. There are marked places to park bikes and electric scooters.

Inside the amusement park

I will have fun in a fair way.

  • I will remember good manners.
  • I will not queue jump. If I need to leave the queue for a moment, I will discuss it with a member of staff.
  • I understand that my wristband is for personal use only, and that it is illegal to sell a used wristband.
  • Please dress in appropriate clothing. Keep your shirt and shoes on.

I will not fly my drone over the park.

  • I understand that for safety reasons it is not allowed to fly drones over or near the park while the amusement park is open.

I will take care of my surroundings.

  • I will keep the park clean. I will put rubbish in bins and bottles in the bottle recycling.
  • I will not vandalise the amusement park in any way.
  • I will not feed the wild animals or birds in the park, as it would particularly excite the seagulls.

I will be alert.

  • I will contact a Linnanmäki staff member immediately if something concerns or upsets me, or if something unusual or unsafe happens.

I will only smoke in the allocated areas.

  • To make sure the park is enjoyable I will only smoke in the specified smoking areas.

I will look after my children and my belongings.

  • If I leave a child in the park without an adult, I will make sure that the child is old enough to manage on their own.
  • I will look after my belongings in the park and let the Linnanmäki information desk know if I lose anything.

On the attractions

I will take care of my safety on the attractions.

  • I will board attractions wearing shoes and a shirt.
  • I will follow instructions given by the staff.

I will ensure the safety of other visitors.

  • Before boarding an attraction, I will make sure that my belongings will not break or fall on other visitors during the ride.

I will take safety into account when filming or taking photos on the rides.

  • For safety reasons I will not use a selfie stick on the rides.
  • On the following attractions I am not permitted to film at all during the ride: Kirnu, Magia, Raketti, Taiga and Ukko.
  • On other attractions I can film with an action camera. I will make sure that the camera is attached in the correct way and that I do not risk dropping it. I will keep any telescopic arms in the shortest position.
  • On slow-moving rides I can film by hand as long as it does not cause any danger to myself or others.

I will keep food and drinks in my bag while on a ride.

  • I will eat my picnic in the designated areas, such as the terrace on Minimäki, in the Grown-Up Parking or other break areas.