Terms of delivery for the Season Fun

  • The Season Fun is only available as a mobile app (iOS and Android).
  • The unique activation code needed for the Season Fun can be purchased in Linnanmäki’s online shop. The activation code can also be purchased at Linnanmäki’s collection point during the opening hours of the park. The Season Fun activation code cannot be purchased from the advance sale points of Linnanmäki’s partners.
  • The Season Fun is personal. The Season Fun cannot be given or transferred to another person.
  • The Season Fun holder gets one Linnanmäki wristband for personal use every day when the amusement park is open. The wristband will be attached to the Season Fun holder’s wrist and activated when it is collected. The wristband cannot be transferred to another person.
  • The wristband which is given to Season Fun holders allows the holder to use the park’s attractions, height and safety restrictions permitting. Other amusement park services, performances at the Peacock theatre, SEA LIFE, Taiga’s shortcut and other attractions that charge a fee are not included in the Season Fun.
  • The recommended minimum age for the Season Fun is 12 years. When purchasing the Season Fun customers should take note of the height and safety restrictions of Linnanmäki’s rides. A child below a certain height may have to be accompanied to some rides by a person over the age of 15. The Season Fun can also be purchased for children under the age of 12, but we hope that the child will be accompanied by an adult in the park.
  • The Season Fun is valid for one amusement park season, not one calendar year. The opening hours and dates of the season can be found in the calendar on the Linnanmäki website: https://www.linnanmaki.fi/en/info-about-the-park/opening-hours/.
  • While the Season Fun is valid, we may send the pass holder messages relating to the Season Fun app to the email address which the pass holder has registered. The emails will only contain information relating to the use of the Season Fun, e.g. updates for the app, or changes/specifications to the rules or the privacy policy. The Season Fun holder will not receive any email with other types of marketing communications without their express agreement.
  • The Season Fun holder will receive marketing messages relating to the Season Fun through the app if they allow push notifications in the app settings. The Season Fun holder can block push notifications at any time by changing the app settings.
  • When the Season Fun app is downloaded from the App Store or Google Play the person downloading the app will also accept the terms of that service.

Activating the Season Fun

  • The Season Fun holder will download the Season Fun app that is required for this service from either the App Store or Google Play, depending on the brand of their phone.
  • The Season Fun holder will enter the required details in the app (first name, surname, year of birth, email address, password, photo). You can find more information about the processing of personal data in the description of the personal data file.
  • The details and photo that are entered into the app cannot be changed later by the user, so be careful when entering your details into the app. Please contact the system administrator ([email protected]) if you have entered your details incorrectly and would like to change them. Season Fun photo change requests will be handled at the pick-up point during the opening hours of the park.
  • You must add a photo to the Season Fun app on which the Season Fun holder is easily identifiable. The staff at Linnanmäki’s collection point have the right to ask for a new photo to be taken of the Season Fun holder if they are unable to recognise the Season Fun holder on the photo. The collection point staff will assist the pass holder with entering a new photo into the app.
  • The personal Season Fun activation code can be found in the order confirmation which was sent to the customer by email.

The Season Fun as a gift

  • If you are buying the Season Fun as a gift, the person making the purchase will receive the order confirmation and a gift card (PDF) via email. The gift card can be printed out or sent to the recipient by email. The gift card includes the individual activation code which is required when installing the Season Fun.
  • The individual activation code can only be used once and for one person. It is the responsibility of the person making the purchase to keep the activation code safe so that it is not unintentionally accessed by a third party.

Using the Season Fun

  • The Season Fun holder can pick up one wristband during their day at the amusement park from Linnanmäki’s collection point. The wristband cannot be transferred to another person.
  • When picking up the wristband the Season Fun holder will show their valid Season Fun on the app to a member of staff at the collection point. The member of staff will mark the wristband for that day as collected in the app and then attach the wristband on the Season Fun holder’s wrist. When the wristband is attached it is also activated to be used that day. The Season Fun cannot be used to pick up a wristband for a later date or to be given to another person.
  • The Season Fun holder must always carry the Season Fun app when collecting a wristband. The Children's Day Foundation is not obligated to provide someone with a wristband if they do not have the app or to cover costs which the Season Fun holder may have suffered for forgetting to bring the app.
  • If the pass holder’s phone has run out of battery when they arrive at the amusement park, the Masters of Fun will point you in the direction of the nearest charging point.
  • If the Season Fun holder loses or changes their phone, they can upload the Season Fun on a new phone. They should sign in to the Season Fun app again by using the username and password created by the Season Fun holder.
  • The staff of the Children's Day Foundation have the right to close a customer’s Season Fun app if it has been used in a way that breaks the rules. In cases of misuse the Children's Day Foundation is not obligated to refund the full or partial cost of the Season Fun to the customer.

Terms of ordering

  • When a customer orders a Season Fun for themselves or as a gift from Linnanmäki’s online shop they must include the customer details as requested on the order form. This data will be saved in the customer register of the Linnanmäki Online store. The Children's Day Foundation is responsible for the correct use and storage of this data. Please read the personal data file of Linnanmäki’s online shop if you want to know more about the processing of personal data.
  • A binding contract of sale will take effect when the customer has placed their order in the Online store. The customer will always receive an automatic confirmation email for their order. Please retain this confirmation as proof in case of any problems with your order. The customer must store the order confirmation, the order number and the Season Fun activation code carefully so that access is not unintentionally given to any third party. If you have not received an order confirmation, please email [email protected]

The right to return the Season Fun

  • Unused Season Fun products which have been ordered from the Linnanmäki online shop can be returned within 30 days of receipt. If you wish to return the product, please email: [email protected].
  • Refunds will be processed as quickly as possible. After we have received your refund request we will process the return within 2–7 working days. The money will be refunded to the customer’s bank account within 30 days of the return.
  • Other complaints and remarks must also be made within 30 days of receipt of the products. The responsibility for consumer claims regarding products is limited to cancelling the purchase and refunding the money.
  • After the cancellation period has ended, the Children's Day Foundation will not refund or exchange unused Season Fun products.

Problems with the Season Fun

  • If problems occur with the Season Fun, please email [email protected] or call 010 5722 200 (switchboard).
  • The switchboard takes calls during the amusement park season from 9 am until the park’s closing time. On public holidays and weekends the switchboard is open during park opening hours. Outside the amusement park season the switchboard is open 9 am–3:45 pm. Call charges can be found at: https://www.linnanmaki.fi/fi/yhteystiedot/.