Cookie Policies

Information on cookies in Linnanmäki’s online services

The Linnanmäki website and online shop use cookies to implement and develop the online services, to improve the user experience, and to target content and advertising. The online service can store data on your terminal device with the help of cookie files and other similar technologies, such as local storage and session storage.

Managing the Cookie Policies

The data stored on the terminal device can be used for both statistical and marketing purposes. As the user, you have the right to restrict tracking or prohibit it entirely, except for cookies that are necessary for the operation of the online service and data storage.

You can choose which cookies to allow in the cookie settings.


Essential Cookies

These cookies are essential for the functionality, security, and user-friendliness of the online service. Such cookies include, for example, ones that store data related to the purchase process in the online store (e.g., the content of your cart) and ones that store the user’s cookie settings. These cookies are automatically activated and cannot be disabled.

Non-Essential Cookies / Optional Cookies

These cookies are used to improve and personalise the functionality and user experience of the online service, to target advertising, and to monitor the functionality of advertising. Non-essential cookies include statistics, advertising, and tracking cookies.

Statistics Cookies

Statistics cookies store anonymous data about the use of the online service. We collect data about, among other things, the downloaded pages, browser type, operating system, time and duration of the session, landing pages, the page from which the user entered the service, the number of visits our website gets, and the most popular content types. At the same time, we receive data about the performance of our service for maintenance purposes.

We do not store or exploit data on an individual level. Instead, we always examine statistical aggregate data, such as how many times a page has been visited and for how long. This way, we will know what to pay particular attention to in development work. Cookies allow us to collect your usage data by ourselves or let our service providers do it. We use Google Analytics and Hotjar services for data collection and statistics. Google Analytics uses cookies to compile statistics on the use of the online services and analyse the use of the website. Visitors cannot be identified from the cookies alone. Cookies collect anonymous data about the traffic in the online service. Such data cannot be aggregated into data that can be connected to an individual. The data collected on the use of the online services is used to create target group segments on the basis of the websites visited by certain browsers over a given period of time. On the basis of the target group segments, we are able to show the user interesting, current, and useful content. The data may also be used to produce advertising targeted to a particular browser.

Advertising and Tracking Cookies

With regard to advertising and tracking cookies, our online services utilise services or functionalities provided by third parties, such as social media share buttons. Third parties are external service providers who can place cookies in the browser and use them for their own purposes in accordance with their own policies. Some cookies can also be used to target marketing and communications in third-party services, such as Adform, Facebook, and other social media channels.

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