This autumn visitors can once again enjoy a colourful atmosphere at Linnanmäki amusement park during the Carnival of Light on the 13th–23rd October. Linnanmäki’s enchanting Carnival of Light fills the park with sparkling light attractions, magnificent performances and surprising light characters. Linnanmäki’s magical Carnival of Light is the highlight of the 2022 season.


Carnival Lights

Lights dancing to music.

Shining Rollercoaster
The wooden rollercoaster is shining brightly in special lighting.

Taiga of Light
The area surrounding Taiga has been lit up.

Carnival Lights, Shining Vuoristorata and Taiga of Light have bright lights blinking to the rhythm of the music.


Tower of Light
The water tower has been lit beautifully.

Mysterious Shades
Lights, smoke and the soundscape make this a mysterious and photogenic attraction.

Goddesses of Light
A work of art created with wire and light. Here, you will see simple iron wire in a whole new light.



Neon Circus
Amazing circus performances in a UV-lit tent.

Terrace restaurant Keidas
Atmospheric live concerts. Two gigs every night.

The popular iik!week attraction Motelli is also open for horror-hungry visitors during the Carnival of Light! The doors to the motel open at 5 pm every night, and they remain open until the amusement park closes. Actors work on the attraction. Recommended age 15+.

Enchanting Carnival performers can be seen all over the park!

  • Ruffle Army is creating huge soap bubbles that shimmer in all the colours of the rainbow.
  • Samba school Imperio do Papagaio is an impressive and colourful samba group offering a genuine carnival atmosphere!
  • Parkour Akatemia is a group of professional parkour performers who will be doing exciting tricks and stunts throughout the park.
  • Belenos Group of Arts is performing with equipment and in wonderful costumes that light up.
  • The sparkling couple Mrs Mirror and Mr Mirror.
  • Rolle&Friend and Linnanmäki’s own amusement park characters.


This year there will be no fireworks. Instead the Carnival of Light will come to an end of the 23rd of October, when Linnanmäki’s Masters of Breaks do the season’s last rollercoaster ride with their horns blasting right before closing time!