Frequently asked questions about iik!week

iik!week  Horror Festival 2023 has come to an end. The terrifying horror characters have crawled back into the shadows. 

iik!week Horror Festival Thu–Sun 7.-24.9.2023

Entry in a nutshell

At iik!week, all entertainers must have a pre-purchased iik!week Festival Wristband (47€) and a place reservation for the desired day of visit.

A wristband purchased in advance serves as the iik!week Festival Wristband together with the Entrance Ticket.

You can purchase the Festival Wristband as well as the Entrance Ticket from Linnanmäki's webstore.

Please note that iik!week is recommended for entertainers aged 15 or over, due to the scary attractions and creepy horror characters.

What kind of ticket do I need to enjoy the horror during the iik!week Horror Festival?
This year you can enjoy the eerie experiences by purchasing Linnanmäki’s iik!week Festival Wristband (47€) from Linnanmäki’s webstore. The Festival Wristband includes a wristband and an entrance ticket to the event. You must pre-book your visit for a specific day through Linnanmäki’s webstore as the number of horror hungry visitors per day is limited. 

How many horror attractions can I visit?
By arriving well in advance, you'll have the opportunity to experience as much horror as possible! With the Festival Wristband, you can access all the horror attractions once. For the open amusement rides, the Festival Wristband provides unlimited access within the opening hours.

If you have a pre-purchased wristband or a wristband giftcard, you can book a free iik!week place reservation in Linnanmäki's webstore.
A pre-purchased wristband serves as the Festival Wristband together with the free place reservation. The Entrance Ticket as well as the wristband is presented at Linnanmäki’s gates on arrival.

Do I need to pre-book my visit to Linnanmäki if I want to come to iik!week?
Yes, to visit Linnanmäki during the iik!week Horror Festival you must pre-book your visit for a specific day. By making a reservation you will ensure access to iik!week on the day of your choice. This means that we have reserved a spot for you in our daily visitor quota. The entrance ticket is presented at Linnanmäki’s gates on arrival. Please note that the entrance ticket alone does not grant entry. You will also need an iik-week Festival Wristband or a pre-purchased wristband.

Please note that Linnanmäki Season Fun passholders don’t need to reserve a slot for the iik!week Horror Festival. Season Fun passholders can always access the amusement park by showing their valid Season Fun for the 2023 season.

If I buy an iik!week Festival Wristband from the webstore, do I also need to pre-book my visit?
The iik!week Festival Wristband  includes an Entrance Ticket for the day of your choice. You only need to choose what day you want to visit the park.

Does Season Fun include entry to iik!week?
It does! We have reserved some of our daily visitor quota for Season Fun passholders, so you don’t need to pre-book. When you arrive at the park, please show your valid Season Fun account for the 2023 season.

Do I need to show the wristbands when I arrive at Linnanmäki?
Yes, the iik!week Festival Wristband/pre-purchased wristband/gift card and your free iik!week Entrance Ticket will be shown upon arrival at Linnanmäki. Please note that in addition to purchasing a wristband you must also reserve your Entrance Ticket to iik!week for a specific day of horror via Linnanmäki’s webstore.

How do I reserve a visit to iik!week?
Through Linnanmäki’s webstore.

  • If you don’t have a wristband, start by choosing “Wristbands & Season Fun” and then “iik!week Horror Festival: Wristband + Entrance Ticket” (the ticket includes a Wristband and an Entrance Ticket to iik!week) and choose a date for your horror-filled visit.
  • If you already have a wristband, just choose the free ”iik!week Horror Festival: Entrance Ticket for owners of wristband or gift card”. During the reservation process you can choose a date for your horror-filled visit.
  • By purchasing an iik!week wristband you will receive an order confirmation which allows you to download both the wristband and the entrance ticket. Download the tickets by clicking “Download your tickets here”. Your ticket and your wristband will appear on your screen.


I have pre-purchased a wristband from the S-Group. Is it valid during iik!week?
It’s great that you’ve pre-purchased a wristband. You are nearly ready to visit the Horror Festival – you just need to go and reserve a free entrance ticket for iik!week via Linnanmäki’s webstore. A wristband purchased in advance serves as the iik!week Festival Wristband together with the free Entrance Ticket.

I have received a wristband gift card. Is it valid during iik!week?
It’s great that you’ve have received a wristband gift card! It is absolutely valid during iik!week – you just need to go and reserve a free entrance ticket for iik!week via Linnanmäki’s webstore. A wristband purchased in advance serves as the iik!week Festival Wristband together with the free Entrance Ticket.

I need a personal assistant / I work as a personal assistant. How do we buy wristbands for iik!week?

A customer needing assistance can buy a festival wristband for €47 in the web store. The assistant, on the other hand, can make a reservation with the free Entrance ticket in the webstore and write ASSISTANT in the additional information field. Please note that in accordance with Linnanmäki's assistant wristband policy, the need for an assistant is verified with an EU disability card with an A marking. Both the assistant and the assisted get wristbands from the service points at the gates.

Can I update my wristband for the next day during iik!week?
Unfortunately it is not possible to update your wristband during iik!week.

Can I buy an Evening Wristband during iik!week?
Evening Wristbands are not available during iik!week. Use a normal iik!week Festival Wristband to enjoy the spooky atmosphere throughout the amusement park’s opening hours.

Can children under the age of 15 visit iik!week?
Because of the scary attractions and creepy characters we recommend iik!week for visitors aged 15 or over.

Also be aware that the free attractions that usually entertain our littlest visitors are resting during iik!week. The whole family can enjoy Linnanmäki again from the 30.9. within our opening hours.

Is it allowed to dress according to the Horror Festival theme?
For iik!week, you can dress in line with the Horror Festival theme. Please ensure that your costumes are tasteful and avoid any offensive content. All potentially harmful real or toy firearms, knives and similar items, even if they are part of your costume, are not allowed.

Are all the amusement rides open during the iik!week?
Age recommendation for iik!week is 15+ years, and that's why some of the rides for young children are closed during the event.
Closed rides include:
Helikopteri, Hepparata, Hiphop, Kuuputin, Lohikäärme, Merirosvolaiva, Muksupuksu, Pienoiskaruselli, Pilotti, Propelli, Rekkaralli, Rumpukaruselli and Vankkuripyörä. Hurjakuru is also closed.

I tried to book a ticket for iik!week, but the day cannot be selected on the webstore. Why is that?

  • You may have selected a product in the webstore that is meant for visits outside of iik!week, for example the Day Fun wristband.
  • Change your product to an iik!week wristband or an iik!week entrance ticket, and you will be one step closer to a horrifying experience!
  • In Linnanmäki’s webstore you can see which days are filling up: if a day is red, this means that the Festival Wristbands for that day have already been sold out. In this case you need to choose a different date.